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Exhibit 131

self shepherd's bush 1980

A picture taken during Christmas of either 1979 or 1980 in Shepherd’s Bush. A friend was dancing. I had probably been dancing too, then sat down and took this photo; including my legs in the picture because sometimes – not often, but sometimes – they are what you see. With the majority of my pictures I am invisible or I am visible only because I set the camera on a tripod or photographed my reflection in a mirror.

Exhibit 130

stop city 1

Another image from the first Stop the City protest in the early eighties. I find it very strange to look at this picture as I almost feel that it isn’t mine. But it’s there on the contact sheet, there on the strip of negs and now here. Unlike a lot of the other pictures from that day there is a palpable sense of threat in this image, a sense of seriousness and confrontation. I do remember feeling uneasy that day – treated as suspect by the police and the protesters and the passers by. Back then with no CCTV cameras recording everything, with hardly anyone having a camera on them, the question of exactly who was taking photographs and for what purpose was an enormous issue.
As I didn’t have a long lens I must have got very close to this scene, and yet none of the people in this drama seem aware of my presence – no one is looking at the camera. No one sees me.