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Exhibit 134


self skull

Taken during a short course taught by Martin Parr at The Photographers’ Place. This self portrait was exactly the opposite of the work Martin Parr was doing at the time, being black and white, posed, unnatural. Oh well…

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Exhibit 82



When I looked at this image as a negative I thought the friend it showed had tipped the overhead light so that his face was flooded with light but actually he must have done the opposite so that his upper body and, crucially, his face is in darkness. He has erased himself. My friend. Gone now. Dead. Lost in the darkness he created in this photograph. This process I have undertaken; of scanning negatives of pictures I never printed is at times quite emotional for me; while these are ‘just photographs’ for me they are a journey into my history – sometimes they aren’t even good or particularly interesting images, but often they are far more laden with emotion than I will admit.

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American Snapshots 2: Something Real


nan g

A woman enters a bookshop on Charing Cross Road, London. The shop specialises in art books, many of them expensive; even paperback editions and more so imported ones. Outside it’s a dry dusty day sometime in 1986, double-decker buses trundle up and down the road heading south towards the river or north to Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Road. The pavements carry waves of people; Londoners, workers, tourists, students, shoppers. The woman moves casually over to a central display table, hovering as if uncertain of what she is looking for, but this is a disguise – the first of many. Despite giving the impression that she is browsing, she has come here for a distinct purpose, which, while it isn’t theft might be considered by some shopkeepers as almost the same as theft and certainly, not a thing to be encouraged. She selects a recently published American photographer’s monograph and…

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