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Essay on Shani Rhys James

An essay on the artist Shani Rhys James’ recent work that I was commissioned to write for her exhibition ‘This Inconstant State’ at Connaught Brown, London.

Shani catalogue


Self-consciousness & the writer


In ‘Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself: A Road Trip with David Foster Wallace’ a subject that comes up with regularity is self-consciousness and in particular its detrimental effects on the writing process. How true, I thought each time it was mentioned. How very, very true. Of course, David Foster Wallace had just written, if not The Great American Novel, then at least a huge one thousand page American novel. It was on the bestseller lists and he was on the cover of Newsweek amongst other major signifiers of fame. So the pitch of attention aimed at him was huge and the attention was of course, personal. It might have begun with the book but it sought the man who had written it and he was on the road appearing in bookstores, giving readings, signing books, being ‘the writer’.

The curious thing is however, and I think he makes…

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Ritual 1969 by Jo Mazelis

A wonderful and insightful review of my collection of short stories

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Ritual 1969

My grateful thanks to Rosie Johns at Seren Books for a copy of Ritual 1969 by Jo Mazelis in return for an honest review. Ritual1969 is available in paperback from Seren, Amazon, W H Smith, Waterstones and from all good bookshops.

Ritual 1969

Ritual 1969

What are little girls made of? What will they become? Will they run away to the circus or become dressmakers, teachers or servants? From the playground to adulthood the path is beset with misunderstandings, missed dates and hidden traps for the unwary.

This darkly gothic collection of stories explores the unsettling borderland between reality and the supernatural. Ranging from early twentieth-century France to 1960s South Wales and contemporary Europe, Jo Mazelis’ singular vision and poetic language creates characters caught up in events and feelings they do not fully understand or control, giving the book its uncanny focus. Not all is as it seems in a world where first impressions may only conceal disguises and…

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