Exhibit 14


‘If your photos aren’t good enough, then you’re not close enough’ so said Robert Capa. I must have gone out one Saturday for a walk in the park and because I’d taken my camera I was looking for something worth photographing. But what is worth photographing? Nature itself? Or something that is social or human? I aimed my camera at the kids on the rope swing because it seemed like something. But I never bothered to print any of the images, they were not close enough, not focused enough. Reviewing the pictures years later I find I’ve grown to like this image as a sort of anti-landscape; the kid with the Motorhead patch on their denim jacket flying into and disrupting what would have been a banal pictorial image of trees in the flat light of ordinary day.


Exhibit 13


Taken on the promenade in Aberystwyth in the 90s this picture might be called The Drunk, His Dog and The Headless Woman. Some sort of dance performance is going on in the bandstand and other frames shot that day show the dancers as well as the wanderings of the drunk who eventually decided on a nap in between the people on deckchairs. Not that anyone seems to pay any attention to the man.

Exhibit 12


This was probably taken during my lunch hour when I worked in the City of London near London Wall. I think I must have been drawn to the random pattern of open windows which served to break up the monotony of the 1960s architecture. As a picture it only works graphically – though now I am struck by the fact that, unlike many modern buildings of a comparable size, the windows do open.

Exhibit 11


She is a library assistant. She is tall and slim with beautiful bone structure. Her name is Marianne. Her co-worker lifts her camera to her eye to capture her unawares, but it’s done in a rush. The camera moves. The achingly lovely Marianne moves. The image is imperfect but none the less something is captured. But the ‘something’ is even more fleeting than the single frame recorded that day; Marianne is living as a woman, but she used to be a man and sometime later she decides to not undergo surgery and becomes a man once again.