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Exhibit 113


I happened upon this scene on the beach in Aberystwyth; a group of retired people sitting in a row on the wooden jetty while an empty wheelchair was parked below them in the shade. There is no real relationship between the two elements, instead it is created in the mind of the viewer – so while this group of day-trippers are still hale and hearty in the shadows under their feet, future infirmity lurks.

Exhibit 75


Two friends outside a rented cottage a mile or so from Aberystwyth. My presence with a camera was annoying them. They did not see what I saw – how could they? I saw a moment I wanted to capture, to hold onto – even if it was at that moment banal and for them self-conscious and uncomfortable.
With this picture, like the last, there is a variation, but here one young man has disappeared and another has taken his place. In both pictures the subjects studiously avoid looking at me – perhaps in that they are subtly going along with my project, letting me fix the moment. Conspiring even when they seem to be scowling.


Exhibit 13


Taken on the promenade in Aberystwyth in the 90s this picture might be called The Drunk, His Dog and The Headless Woman. Some sort of dance performance is going on in the bandstand and other frames shot that day show the dancers as well as the wanderings of the drunk who eventually decided on a nap in between the people on deckchairs. Not that anyone seems to pay any attention to the man.