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Exhibit 89

Untitled-30 smoky

I suspect this is a photograph taken near Swansea. It seems to show three layers of landscape – in the foreground is a wilderness of weeds and cow parsley, in the middle distance a row of plump trees seemingly planted in a straight line, then finally on the right of the picture running off into the distance is a dual carriageway or motorway with its concrete structures and lampposts and streams of traffic.

Exhibit 16


This couple were friends of mine. We all met at the same college in West London, they fell in love and got married a week after I took this photo. It surprises me now to see how I’ve captured their intimacy – which was evidently real but at the same time – in a sense – faked or at least recreated or staged for the camera.

Exhibit 11


She is a library assistant. She is tall and slim with beautiful bone structure. Her name is Marianne. Her co-worker lifts her camera to her eye to capture her unawares, but it’s done in a rush. The camera moves. The achingly lovely Marianne moves. The image is imperfect but none the less something is captured. But the ‘something’ is even more fleeting than the single frame recorded that day; Marianne is living as a woman, but she used to be a man and sometime later she decides to not undergo surgery and becomes a man once again.