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Exhibit 24


Removed from any context these pictures of dancers creating a performance can look like film stills – actually this one reminds me of some images from the 1943 Maya Deren film, ‘Meshes of the afternoon.’ Maybe I had that in mind when I decided to step outside the dance space and photograph the performers by the window.

Exhibit 4


After leaving London in the autumn of 1991 I found myself to be a photographer without any purpose. These photographs were part of a series I took of dancers beginning approximately ten years before. The plan had been to document as many different forms of dance as possible from ballet classes in a Yorkshire town, to flamenco dancers at The Seven Dials Club, London and performers backstage at a West End show. This picture was taken on the roof of the Chisenhale Dance Space in London. As the sun was low in the sky I asked the dancers to rehearse outside so that I could capture the effects of their long shadows on the flat roof.