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Exhibit 90


This is another photograph taken during the first Stop the City Demonstration in 1983. Although many of the demonstrators had dressed in elaborate costume and were there to be seen, there was some animosity directed towards me and my camera. People suspected I was taking photographs for the police instead of the ecological magazine I worked for. In some ways any record of protest at that time, whether it was just a story in the press or otherwise would have the same effect in the sense that people’s images were there for anyone to see and use in any way.

Exhibit 76


This was taken somewhere near London Wall in the City of London. I worked in a small library near there when I first moved to London. I hated the anonymous office blocks, the brutal, alien architecture, the cold unfriendly people who never seemed to smile. It made me feel lost and lonely. This picture of a brick wall that surprisingly has a window empty of glass, whose function I can only guess at, is perhaps symbolic of the feeling I had of being trapped, of there being nothing to look at, nothing soft, nothing natural, nothing kind or good.

Exhibit 12


This was probably taken during my lunch hour when I worked in the City of London near London Wall. I think I must have been drawn to the random pattern of open windows which served to break up the monotony of the 1960s architecture. As a picture it only works graphically – though now I am struck by the fact that, unlike many modern buildings of a comparable size, the windows do open.