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Colour 57

man and orange juice

Another shot from the same day as the previous posts. I’m still not sure if this image works – I love the strange arrangements of objects: cider bottle, hot dog and cup of orange juice. Then also the guy in the dark glasses is lying down in an odd spot. Though at a festival when people sit or sprawl everywhere I’m not sure why it struck me as odd – perhaps because he is lying in the path of the food truck? Lastly I love the way his glasses are, or are made into mirrors, hiding his eyes and creating a slightly mysterious image.

Colour 55

the boys 2

Taken at a one day music festival in North London. I think I’d loaded my camera with colour film with the plan to take snapshots, but wound up wandering about taking documentary photos. I don’t remember if I aimed my camera at this group of friends or if they accosted me and asked to have their picture taken. I remember feeling slightly guilty as I was aware they were all quite drunk, but maybe it made more sense to them than it did to me.