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Exhibit 126


A corner in a dance studio in Hammersmith, London. I took a great many photographs here – most of them of dancers as they perfected their routines, but sometimes my eye was caught by an arrangement of objects and furnishings as in this picture. Even in the early eighties much of the decoration was old fashioned and idiosyncratic, but at the same time charming and nostalgic – the standard lamp, the long playing records, the framed photographs on the wall – even the slightly ominous weighing scales.

Exhibit 115


Having gained permission to take photographs at a dance studio in Hammersmith I found myself almost overwhelmed with subjects. As I had set myself the brief to document dancers, this photograph of a sturdy old gramophone, rubber plant and the plaster cartouche on the wall was a sort of aside. The same dance studio appears in Exhibits 7, 17, 52 and 85 and will no doubt appear in future posts as I went there on several occasions and took a lot of photographs.