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Colour 24

madrid 70

Taken outside the Reina Sofía in Madrid, where there was a large square filled with families and children. I’m not sure whether any of them were, as we were, waiting for the hour to arrive when museum entry was free, or if it was just a space large enough to congregate in. Taking the photograph from above gives a different perspective on a fairly mundane subject.

Colour 18

madrid 32

Taken inside a gallery in Madrid, the museum guard’s empty chair looks like a piece of modern art but of course it was meant to look that way – beautifully designed and in keeping with the museum’s walls and floors. But an empty chair always also suggests the human even if only as an absence. The wall is like a Mondrian or a Rothko, the only blemish a darker smudge where someone’s shoulder or their hair has brushed repeatedly against it.