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Exhibit 76


This was taken somewhere near London Wall in the City of London. I worked in a small library near there when I first moved to London. I hated the anonymous office blocks, the brutal, alien architecture, the cold unfriendly people who never seemed to smile. It made me feel lost and lonely. This picture of a brick wall that surprisingly has a window empty of glass, whose function I can only guess at, is perhaps symbolic of the feeling I had of being trapped, of there being nothing to look at, nothing soft, nothing natural, nothing kind or good.

Exhibit 12


This was probably taken during my lunch hour when I worked in the City of London near London Wall. I think I must have been drawn to the random pattern of open windows which served to break up the monotony of the 1960s architecture. As a picture it only works graphically – though now I am struck by the fact that, unlike many modern buildings of a comparable size, the windows do open.