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Exhibit 98

slot machines

Like the previous post this was taken in Scarborough during one winter in the 1990s. Every seaside town had its amusement arcades which, given the unreliable British weather, provided shelter on bad days. Distinguished by their brilliant lights and colours and cacophony of sound they tempted punters to pour more and more money into their machines. It seemed so easy to win – almost within reach – the glittering prizes…

Exhibit 68


It was cold that day, most people were wrapped up in coats, but not all. I love this photo mainly because of the expression on the young man on the right’s face. It reminds me of the look on the woman’s face in The Awakening Conscience – a painting by the Pre-Raphaelite artist William Holman Hunt – the lips are slightly parted and the eyes are on some distant sight in the sky. It is only that which lifts it from the banal.